Welcome to RMK Projects

RMK Projects always strive to become one of Bahrain’s leading real estate development company. We have developed a reputation for producing creative and efficient housing solutions that takes little effort for it to transform from being a house to a home. We believe in harnessing the power of creative input and challenging conventional practices in order to deliver excellent options and a variety of real estate choices for our clients.

We specialize in finding you your dream home that suits your style and personality. Our professionals are adept at assessing your requirements and take into account your budget constraints to help you find suitable housing solutions. We take great care to cater to people from all walks of life, thus fulfilling their dreams of owning a house.

About RMK Projects

We were established in the year 1995, as a part of one of the most reputed group of companies- RM Kooheji & Sons. Since our inception, we have continually worked towards developing affordable community housing projects that caters to a wide demographic of homeowners, irrespective of class, nationality or financial constraints. We target a large portion of our work at redefining the real estate markets in the country, thus satisfying the house owner ship desire of people from all walks of life.

We at RMK Projects, have a large portfolio of having worked on some of the most prestigious projects in the country, which includes residential apartment buildings and housing compounds in the Capital and around the Kingdom of Bahrain. We are proud of the vast range of services we have rendered, which stands evidence to human perseverance and quality engineering.

Our Mission

RMK Projects aspires to be one of the market leaders in the real estate markets, committed to procuring affordable housing projects that of the highest quality for our clients in Bahrain. We look forward to creating housing opportunities for our clients, irrespective of their class divide or nationality.

Our Vision

We strive to achieve our long term and short-term goals by employing ethical techniques that are solely aimed at delivering quality solutions for our clients. We look forward to diversifying our skills, which will distinguish us from our competitors, thus fostering a strong support from our clientele as we find infrastructure that improve the quality of life in The Kingdom of Bahrain.

Our Values

The values of RMK Projects are based on the following guidelines:-


We ensure to work diligently to provide efficient property development solutions, and thus develop long-term relationships with our clients.


We have a completely transparent business model that supports accountability and integrity in all of our business undertaking.

Client satisfaction:

One of our primary concerns is to provide one of a kind property development services in the country. We are well equipped to provide a variety of services in a variety of sectors that is sure to meet our client’s expectations.


We work together as a team, and our unique management model helps ease the communication between teams and departments, enabling us to achieve credible results effectively.


We will always strive to keep up with the changing market requirements and provide real estate development solutions that comply with the ever-changing needs of clients and provide unique design concepts.